Mark A. Baker Law, LLC is a boutique firm in Atlanta, Georgia, providing legal services throughout the country in the areas of entertainment law, including music, film & TV, books and fine arts, and intellectual property law, covering issues arising in copyright and trademark matters. Atlanta entertainment attorney Mark A. Baker also provides advice and legal services in the selection and establishment of the right business entity to best suit the endeavor.

Successful artists take a deliberate and proactive approach to their careers. This means operating through the most advantageous business form, protecting your intellectual properties, and having contracts in place to assure as smooth a ride as possible.

The time to address legal problems is before they happen.

Wherever you are in your creative career, Mark A. Baker Law will provide you with legal and business advice—before trouble turns up.

Atlanta entertainment lawyer Mark A. Baker provides skilled legal counsel to independent artists in music, film, TV and video, books and the fine arts.

Services include:

Our goal is to get your deal done quickly and efficiently, with the highest quality legal services, while avoiding tactics that may kill the deal.

Understanding the deal points and the relative leverage of each party is critical, but so, too, is knowing where to press and where to concede. Atlanta entertainment lawyer Mark A. Baker strives to treat all parties to a transaction with the utmost respect, drafting and negotiating contracts that create win-win solutions for all parties to the deal.

Is it Expensive?

After a free initial consultation call, often a flat fee for legal services can be arranged which provides a deeply discounted fee compared to the typical hourly arrangement. This also allows for advance budget planning.

Flat fee arrangements are based on a number of determining factors, including the complexity of the legal issue, time investment (including any research and/or contract drafting, the extent of involvement of other parties (such as negotiations) and how well-organized the client is, including the level of tech savvy. Prompt up-front payment is required in all flat-fee arrangements. In certain situations, pro bono work will be considered.

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